Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Looking, planning, wishing, dreaming...

So when I typed Compost and Spokane into goggle I found out that this Saturday the 14th is a free chipping and Compost event! There is a big one on the 29th too for Arbor day =] Maybe there will be other free-bee's too! Worth a try right???
free compost bin

I am trying to get a hold of Bark Boys Landscape Supplies to find out how much compost is.

My friend Sage told me about Habitat for humanity's Surplus store so I'm going to look into it and see what they have and what their prices are like.

I don't think Winter will be up to getting and helping me with the rototiller tomorrow because he is still up from yesterday. Friday will have to be the day instead. Of course... Will have to wait longer. =[

I am thinking of morning glories on the fence and LadyFern got me thinking of roses.... So I have been day dreaming of wanting a rose hedge and maybe some vining verities... Another thing I had thought of for next to the fence is Raspberries or something similar... - raspberry

I have a picture forming in my mind now... =D

Also thinking about bees...
beekeeping laws and regulations

Oh and I found a few promising listings on Craigslist like Composted Rabbit Manure.. =]

Ok off to do more research!

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