Monday, April 9, 2012

Garden Bed Planning is Tough...

Last week I found the number for THE MASTER GARDENER PLANT CLINIC AND RESOURCE CENTER Through Spokane County Extension on the Washington State University Website page. I got a hold of a master gardener named Carrol on the phone... She says we have a short growing season here in Spokane and raised beds are a really good way to go... She also said I probably wont need to do the 30$ soil testing if I do go with raised beds. It doesn't sound like I will need to find out if there are lines under the ground with raised beds... However raised beds would be quite an investment. The master gardener lady Carrol also told me there is an open house at their office with a raised bed exhibit but it's not until the last Saturday of the month April 28th and I am don't think I can wait that long... For the past few weeks I have been asking around the gardening groups about raised beds and trying to find out as much info I can on raised beds, mulch gardening, lasagna gardening, and links to info. Here is some of what I found:
Lasagna Gardening 101
Raised Bed Garden - build raised garden beds

There are so many different designs for raised beds. OnlyOne Hillbilly Gardener Sugested a 4' wide be 12' long raised bed.. Well, I Took Winter shopping just to see how much the wood would cost new at Lowes and he pretty much freaked out. I don't really blame him but I really want something nice that will last. We just haven't been finding anything decent and untreated so far as far used. We've been looking on craigslist for free wood and soil and we haven't found any that would work yet. The add for free topsoil went fast and I am starting to panic just a little at being able to afford any supplies for this project can you hear my heavy sigh? We're going to look into how much soil and such costs in bulk through some landscaping companies but I am not super hopeful and we are considering the calling about lines soil test and getting a rototiller route. I am a little overwhelmed and unsure what to do. The bed planning is proving to be a bit mind numbing.   

This is info from the extension office etc. 
Homemade Fertilizer

Today was a pretty tough day, Car troubles, A family friend died, Winter's mom is hurt, his bother is really upset about both his mom and the lost friend and Winter is super stressed out and in pain with a bad toothache and I lost my anxiety meds yesterday, they are found now but by that point they haven't helped and they won't be in my system till tomorrow. It's actually been a real tough last few days. 
Looking at bright sides!!! On the upside... I got a package from thee AWESOME LadyFern! Thank you so so so MUCH! It helped a lot. 
So did chatting with my gardening friends, over the course of the day I chatted with a a good handful of people a little at a time, you know who you are.. THANK YOU!
I am super excited about LadyFerns Seeds! She even sent a wonderful sweet card and it made me smile at a point in my day when pretty much thought I just didn't have it in me to smile like that. She sent me Mixed Flowers, White Trumpet Lily, Morning glory, Larkspur, Mimosa, Watermelon, Acorn Squash, Danver's Carrot, Bell pepper, and... Maddies Swamp Sunflower!
<3 <3 <3

I also got in just enough sunlight to start my Tomato seeds in there little dirt pellet things! Please wish me luck.

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