Monday, April 16, 2012

Plotting out... and Kefir Grains

So there was a break of sunshine in the gray of today and I went out with my measuring tape and garden notebook trying to place things...
This is the rough idea I have in mind! =]
I'm working on a close up of the veggie section next. Planning it's rough plan of where to put everything in their sections. Might have that done sometime tomorrow.

Here are update pictures for the Tom's from around 3pm today. They are getting, what I am told is leggy. They shot up fast, growing quicker then I expected . I have them uncovered now still on top of the fridge I may try and find a sunnier spot tomorrow. I won't be able to get soil for them for another two weeks... Gosh I hope they will be ok for that long in just the pellets, they are the big pellets just for tomatoes. The tomatoes shown in the seed pellets on the package are much bigger then my little seedlings so I am hoping have a little time before they get their second leaves!

Tonight I was shown a site for Kefir grains sharing!
I emailed the two people in Spokane for more info =]
I had read about if before and have really been wanting to try it!

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