Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bunny poo and Garbage Gardening...

SO I heard back from the gal with the Composted Rabbit manure! She still has it and I can go pick it up Sat or Sunday! Free compost! Yay! I am so doing a happy dance! I was so worried I wouldn't get it! I really want it!

Winter promised me we have a garden day tomorrow and get the rototiller... I had a feeling he wouldn't be able to get around to it today... Tonight we're going to the Laundromat with our giant laundry monster pile. It's quite scary lol.

Also found some listings for veggies starts and edible sunflowers for 2$ each, some berry starts for 50 cents each, and rhubarb starts for 5$ each. Fun for day dreaming! No idea if they will still have them later. I also found a listing for a soup pot for 5$ and other house things in a storage unit, we'll look into that on Saturday. I really want a soup pot my sauce pan is not big enough.

We did make it to the general store and dollar tree to see what they had cheap and they don't really have the tools I want even tho their prices are pretty good. I did get a pair of garden scissors and some pots and trays for the bell peppers, they may not be big enough for permanent homes tho... I do have slightly lager ones... Maybe I should use the smaller ones for tomatoes and the bigger ones for the Bell peppers...

 I took a picture from my bedroom window today of the left corner where the garden will live once we get the yard tilled up. From where the trash can you can barely see on the left side of the picture along the fence is where I want to put roses I think.... Going to need a lot of roses to fill that space... I could put flowers there too... I think the morning glories will go on the other fence on the other side of the garden to the right and the raspberries in right corner... Ok, so this is sort of what my plant is so far.... About 3 feet wide along the fence and a large corner section that I have not exactly measured out yet... I know how big it is when I go out there and look at it walking but not the actual measurements... Potential potential potential... I can feel it getting closer to a time when I can actually work on this project more!!!

Also today I took pictures of my garbage garden, which is the things I am trying to grow from scraps... I was really hopeful about the cabbage that has little buds on it but am told by my friend Barry he doesn't think it can root and as far as he knows you can only grow them from seeds... Well it was worth a try... I'm curious to see how long it lasts =\ Well I have renewed hope about the onions from
Beverly who showed me pictures of hers that she has planted in soil now <3 And also inspiration from Debbie with her celery! Thank you so much! Super inspiring!!! I'm not giving up hope on these onions... Crossing my fingers and keeping and eye out fro some growth! =] And next I'm going to try lettuce and the celery too! <3

I am really looking forwards to getting a lot done this weekend! Please wish me luck ok! I a super excited!
Need to start more seeds too and I'll be doing some more research too...

By the way to all my gardening friends... thank you so much for all your encouragement, I learn so much from all of you and love your company!

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