Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Building blocks!

Been thinking about the things I want to grow.... These are some of the things I want in my garden! Most of all I want to grow my own food and medicines! And teas! Any of these listed would make me infinitively happy,n or actually just about anything would make me happy because I'm wanting to experiment if possible with things I'm not familiar with too...
Veggies: Acorn and similar squashes. Asparagus... (<-I hear this is hard to grow?) Beets. Bell Peppers. Brussels spouts. Cucumber. Garlic. Kale. Onions. Potatoes. Pumpkins. Radish. Rhubarb. Snap peas. Spinach or any salad greens. Tomatillo. Turnips. (There are these green beans that are purple but when you cook them are bright green.. I think I am in love with the novelty of them and the colorfulness... I think they were called queen Anne, or royal beans...)
Herbs: Basil. Borage. Parsley. Catnip. Chives/green onions. Cilantro. Cumin. Dill. Fenegreek. Lemon balm. Sage. Saint John's Wort. Stevia, Sweet marjoram. Thyme. (I am curious if I could grow ginger and horse radish too... and I hear mint/spearmint is hard to grow from seeds but I still sort of want to try...)
Other: loufa gourds, and Hibicus and other edible flowers like lavender, jasmine and chamomile... roses. Sunflowers with edible seeds!!!
Fruit: Berries! I at least want strawberries and maybe blueberries? Melons.
There are flowers that I remember loving from my grandmother yards.
Dark purple Clematis, light purple Wisteria, bluish purple Columbine, all colors of Violets, white and blue Forget-me-nots, giant Bleeding Hearts, Bearded Iris, Calla lilies, big Blue Bells, daffodils, big tulips, fuchsia colored Peonies, Grape Hyacinthe, sweet William. Sweet pea, and night blooming jasmine. The one I don't know the name of is sort of round towards the top and it looks like a whole bunch of little tiny flowers, it grew in purple and white and a little bit of pink I think... It might be called a pin cushion or something like that...

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