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Benefical and Intesting Recipe Concoctions

I am blogging about this here in my garden blog and not in my brand new Recipes blog because of the contents of these recipes having t to with garden herbs flowers and fruits... So, last week I came across links about making your own stevia sweetener and vanilla extract. I'm very interested in the sweetener as a substitute for Winter. Also did you happen to know most store bought vanilla has corn syrup and unspecified flavorings in it? I love the home made stuff better anyways.. the problem is that it's pretty pricey!!! I have herd the best vanilla extract is made with bourbon but I have another recipe too from Maddie and James...
One pound of vanilla beans to four 16 ounce pints of alcohol. Use the strongest vodka or moonshine you can get... 140 proof and up. Everclear is 190, so that would work. If you take frequent samples to taste it will probably not work because you'll forget what you're about..
Grind up the beans as fine as you can. Then mix them with the alcohol.
The concoction should be left to stand in an airtight bottle for up to two months. And of course you have to filter the liquid when it's done.
Don't use whiskey, rum, brandy because the flavor will affect the tincture.
I've heard that if you buy pieces of pods, they are most likely inferior quality to the whole pods.
Some people say you should add sugar to the beans while grinding. I wouldn't.
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This link is from Pam! Very interesting and helpful!
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I've only just browsed this one so far but I read a synopsis and it sounds really interesting with some good food for thought....
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Well I hope you found this as interesting as I did! =]

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