Sunday, April 22, 2012

The gears are moving, slow-ish

Well.. I have not been posting update entries on here like I meant to... But I have been taking a lot of pictures and I think this entry will be mostly pictures taken since my last blog entry with captions to explain them...

Here is the close up rough draft idea of my garden plan... and updates on the Onion and the Cabbage scraps... The cabbage has roots! I was told it couldn't be done but, there they are they exist! <3

 This me with dirt under my nails! ..and the bag of potting soil I got and the posts I filled with it.

This is the Toms the night I made the paper pots and my trying one out...

This is the Toms the morning just before I moved most of them to their paper pots.

Here the Toms are in their new paper pots.. and but 3 that are not quiet ready yet and did not get as leggy as the rest.

These are the seeds I got from the Grow a row for the hungry program and the calendar I got from the waste management office when they didn't have my compost bin ready for me yet... I'll go back for it later =D 

So I had this thought the other day that just when I was start to think I am getting a handle on planning, I am humbled by the fact I am in actuality a newbie to gardening and I do need some help... I am a little overwhelmed with figuring out how to organize when to plant things and when to harvest them... and I am still waiting on those people at the power company to come check for lines why the hell don't they keep track of that!!!! If they don't come tomorrow I think Winter would have a really hard time keeping me from digging up that back corner only the thing is I am low on tools... I asked the land lord and he dug around and found a trowel and two hand claw things... I'll be taking pictures of them tomorrow! The land lord says she always wanted a garden here but thinks me quiet ambitious... I just have to show him I can do this! I got permission for that corner I want and he said I can put flowers anywhere I want which happens to be pretty much everywhere!!!

Also I was talking to Maddie and ended up starting writing my recollections of the gardens that I grew up with... I want to save them so I think I will post them on here too! Also working on a new plan for my garden with companion gardening ideas!

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