Sunday, April 15, 2012

SEEDLINGS!!! ..and etc.

Super Yay! =D I have seedlings!!! I brought down the greenhouse box down off the fridge and opened it up to check and see if the pellets needed a bit of water 'cause it's been several days since I checked and half the pellets have a seedling or two!!! I literally danced around the house in joy... and I think I freaked my friends out a little bit with my glee..... I wasn't expecting the sprouts for another 3-5 days! This is so awesome! I'll have to try not to constantly be checking them I want to give them a little space to do their thing. I love love love gardening! Even if everything is pretty much only inside so far. I have been planting the seeds into pellets out side whenever it's sunny. We had a sunny day today! So after the compost fair that's exactly what I was up to! I did make it to the fair even tho I really didn't think I would. Winter was feeling terrible this morning and didn't really want to go...
He perked up after some more rest about an hour before the end of the fair and we ended up making it at the 2:30 mark... which is when they said to be there by at the latest... and we weren't the last ones there either, there was one other couple that got there late. However unfortunately the two ladies before us got the very last two bins, BUT since we made the deadline (even if it was by like a minute)

They gave me a rain check they took down my info and even entered me into a raffle for a free dinner for two... (I never win that sort of thing but it sure would be fun to have a free dinner out with Winter.) I watched the end of the compost video and took home some pamphlets on the basics and about the balances of ingredients and a nifty pen made of recycled cardboard wood and plastic's. I even got a flier for the next fair which I may go to in hopes of free plants or other freebies as it's on arbor day... and also to see some working compost piles and worm bins! I kinda wonder what else might be there, worth a look I think and besides I want to see the arboretum where the big fair is. Todays fair was at a fire station... as we got there the fire fighter looked up from the mulching equipment with a look of hunger like "why you no bring us stuff to mulch!" I was half tempted to bring my leaves but my land lord wanted to do it... and I don't think Winter would have put up with me stuffing his newly clean car with debris LOL. Also we brought Domino with us and everyone there loved her as per usual =] ..and the drive to and from was nice because it was actually sunny almost the whole day!!! On the way back Winter stopped at a shopping center so I could go and check out the big Garden section at ace hardware! We also window shopped the pet store there with our Dommie whom loved all the smells and sniffed pretty much everything... The ladies from the humane society adopt a pet booth gave her doggy jerky and a milkbone. My treat was the window shopping at Ace... I found peat in a BIG block for 9.98! I so wanted it! I knew I left my wallet under the seat in the car for a reason! At this point I need food more =\ Oh and speaking of broke with the trip to do the compost fair I couldn't afford the gas to go get the soup pot. Also on the note of broke and not enough gas I learned when I called the lady with the bunny poo that it is currently way too far out of range of a drive for us... I thought it was in Spokane and it is really not and there are no other reasonable bunny poo listings in our area. Super bummed about it. The listings I had found for starts on line were really reasonable quite a bit better then the store prices at Ace but with the trade of of different stuff. I saw one thing I didn't know how badly I wanted until I saw it and I am not even sure how well they do here... GRAPES! They had grape vine starts! <3 I did get to see what some of the plants I have seeds for might look like today too at Ace and that was so fun!

So I was super inspired when I got home and I got the pellets ready... and while they were doing the sponge thing I started plant maintenance starting with new water for the onions which I trimmed yesterday and then I decided to prop up the cabbage on red lava looking rocks from the yard and then it happened, I discovered the seedlings! Then I had to bust out the camera and take pictures of everything!

Eventually after geek-ing out about my plants I made food for winter and I which lead to a new Scrap planting, this one is Romaine! Then visited with friends telling them all about my plant-ness's... and then went online and chatted and looked up a last few things and then I brought the seeds and mini green house outside and proceeded to plant 4 pellets of bell peppers, 4 kinds of lettuce, 2 pellets of leeks, 2 of kale, and 4 or cabbage. I think I at least want to do some more Cabbage I did 2 pellets red and 2 Brunswick. I still have more pellets but I wanted to make sure I had enough for some of everything else and I still need to do some more research, which I didn't do much of at all yesterday because I played a trial version of the game Plants vrs Zombies.... Good thing it's a trail version that is such a time eater and then when Winter was done running errands we spent the rest of the evening Slaying the Crazy huge seeming Laundry MONSTER beast...!
 Tomorrow I really should continue to organize the new apartment and put things away and clean the kitchen... But, also I think tomorrow is a day for planting flowers if the weather permits and nothing gets in my way... I have my first flowers that came from LadyFern! One other thing happened... When I was done planting seeds I went over to the fence and called out to the neighbor and asked him if he'd like some seeds like LadyFern suggested! I showed him what I had been planting and he said he was growing 4 kinds of lettuce too! He didn't have any cabbage so I went home and made some little cardboard pockets like LadyFerns out of curtain insert and skull and cross bone duct tape and labeled the packets in blue sharpie and wrote my name simply Tory on the back and also wrote not GMO just in case he knows about them and if he doesn't who knows maybe he'll look them up and it'll have an impact on one more person if he doesn't already know...
So tonight a friend mentioned her birdfeeders and I mentioned that I have two feeders that were left here and no idea what to fill them with! Here is the link she gave me! It's awesome! I am so going to fill the bird feeders! Yay! - About Birds and Feeding

One last thing. This is my revised wish-list... I simplified it a bit. I'm still all about any veggies and herbs and potential medicines but I'm a sucker for flowers too... especially edible ones or pinkish purples and blues! 
The Wish List:  Beets. Brussels spouts. Cucumber. Pumpkins. Radish. Rhubarb. Snap peas. Tomatillo. Zucchini. Basil. Bok Choy. Borage. Parsley. Cilantro. Cumin. Fenegreek. Lemon balm. Sage. Saint John's Wort. Stevia, Sweet marjoram. Thyme. loufa gourds. Hibicus. Lavender. Jasmine. Roses. Sunflowers with edible seeds!!! Berries. Clematis. Wisteria. Columbine. Violets. Forget-me-nots. Bleeding Hearts. Iris. Lilies, Blue Bells. Peonies. Grape Hyacinthe, Sweet William. Sweet pea. Pin cushions.

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