Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ground Breaking!

Been pretty quiet on this blog lately.... So I been researching and planing and biding my time trying to take care of seedlings and scrap gardening. Had some setbacks, but we got a rototiller on loan from Winter's brother! Winter fixed it up and got it running smoothly! Yesterday Winter filled up the tire and got it re-beaded at Bubba's tire shop... We got home from that and paying rent and he tilled the patch for my garden twice. Went too shallow the first time.. I got a little chuck of the sod raked up... realizing it is going to take a few days to get it done and wow am I ever crazy for starting with such a big patch, but I need a lot of space for things like water melons and squash right??? I seriously hope I can get those in the ground fast enough! A lot of work ahead of me! =] Thank you to all of my garden group friends/family for all your encouraging and advice! It really does help me a LOT! <3 Now I'm off to go work in the yard! Wish me luck and speedy raking!