Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New seeds! ...and some choas

First off is a mostly an un-garden-related life thing-y I'm happy about. Last night Winter found my glass's! I haven't been able to find them for 2 months! I can see everything so much clearer! Still need a new prescription tho... But his is still so much better!

First thing I did when I woke before eating or anything was day dreaming about garden place meant I even drew out a chart which is going to need amending now..
Then I was changing out the water of my scrap garden I thinned out the onions, 3 of them were dried up on top and extra slimy on the bottom.. I don't think I gave them enough of a start.... Need to cut at least a 1/2 inch about the root base it seems... I was just trying to save every bottom.... The ones I kept all have new white roots on the bottoms peaking out! <3

The cabbage is doing mostly well... I swear it's got roots starting!!!!! I swear that's sort of what it looks like anyways, it looks a little slimy towards the center but along th out side are chunky white bits that were so not there before.... I'll be looking again tomorrow when I change the water again! The leafy bits are less purple and getting bigger and there are more of them! The leaves have some shriveled bits and two remainders from the cabbage head about ready to fall off so tonight I will trim it up a little with my garden scissors.

All my gardening buddies where right the mater seedlings are reaching for light... I turned the tray and last night when I took off and left off the lid, today when I peaked at them they were leaning the other direction. I think tomorrow I will have to find a sunnier spot for them, they are even leggier today and I don't think I have anywhere to put them! I don't have any soil for them... I had no idea they would want to be put into soil so soon! They are still like 2 or 3 days earlier then expected to emerge.

Then the postman came! I know because Domino started barking which she very rarely does. I had a box from Debbie! <3 She sent me beads and seeds!  Thank you so so so MUCH! I'm going to do a while entry on them! I already have an idea for the beads! A belly dancing outfit for my pirate festival.

So after the postman came I took a peak at the other green house and noticed the lettuce was already sprouting! I had just been warned by Aud that I should wait to plant start those till right before planting but alas I had started some. I then noticed white fuzz on them and lifted the lid and was hit with a yucky moldy smell! I immediately ran for my laptop and messaged my gardening friends for help... They said to try cinnamon and milk water... I had nothing to spray the milk water with so I dripped a little drop on each seedling and soaked up the excess with the corner of napkin and dusted each with little cinnamon left the lid off to help dry them out and crossed my fingers.
 Unfortunately the next time I looked over at that green house a big heavy mug of water that had been left in the windowsill above where the greenhouse was had been knocked off on the half with the lettuce! the pellets were crushed and sopping wet. The rest of the pellets are fine but all the labels go knocked off and the only ones I know for sure what they are, are the peppers from LadyFern. I took all the pellets on the peppers side and put them in a pyrex/cornning-ware dish I guess they were meant to be mystery sprouts.. and with the lettuce pellets I tried to lightly squeeze out a little of the excessive h2o and reform them... The Green house base is toast... it has a giant hole in the middle of the bottom and leaks like crazy.. I put the lettuce seedlings on a serving platter and then I later switched the tomatoes into the pryrex and the peppers and mystery seedlings in the remaining greenhouse. All of this now resides on my cleared of fridge! We'll just have to see what happens next!  

Lat night Aud told me about keeping baby powder for the tomatoes... I wonder if that'd work for the lettuce too... Oh the reason I meant to mention Aud was about the suggestion of 4 o' clocks along the fence around the the veggies to help keep away bugs. I am really liking the idea and was curious about them so I asked in the free speech garden group and got an answer fast! Irene who sent me my first batch of seeds besides the ones from LadyFern that got side tracked and might be on there way according to my friend that lives with the friend that was going to be bringing them whom asked 2nd party for my address... Crossing my fingers! Anyways back to Irene and the 4 o' clocks she has some!!!! These are them!    rareseeds.com - four o' clocks/marbles mixed

Spent the rest of the day unpacking and organizing the left overs of initial mess from moving in... Winter has been on a cleaning rampage and has single handedly handled the insanity that which should be our kitchen and now seems far more like one th it's not done and I agreed to deal with the dish washing part. I organized the bed room as fast as I could so while he is doing the rest of the kitchen stuff I can be here blogging about garden stuff and playing around... I did a lot of work, and half of the time he was out... Gave our friend brandi a ride home and helped his brother move all his stuff out of his now ex girlfriends place, she'd been cheating with this p.o.s. scumbag... We know people who have come in contact with this guy and say he is bad news.. That girl didn't really seem right for Winter's brother anyways in my opinion, she was nice enough but I'd love to see him with someone better! Some one that doesn't just want to use him like that, It makes me pretty angry. Winter's brother liked my planning diagrams =] ..and tonight and last night I have been on such a DIY and garden site kick on my stumble. It is so addictive! Finding lots of craft projects and gardening ideas!

I've been reading this a little at a time today...
extension - trellis 


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